im sorry babes

em. in normal life i was thougt that some problem we may put on our shoulder, and now i purposely cannot push myself to do what i must do . em again . today is 10 march 2015 . complete for 2 month i was here in "MARINA COVE RESORT".  every challenge i have face it here . when i work here ,  lot of people was came here to do some vacation. many type of people actually.

em em em..

harith work here only one month and half . today i take part in interview at GM holiday hotel and i can work at there 2 day from today that is on thursday . but the problem is i dont know how to say to my manager why i must resign here. very stressfull to think how blablabla . i love this place. i love all the workers but i dont know why i fell myself like erghhh nothing attractive here after 2 month works. i feel like i want try another work and now i have get new work .


before i resign , the problem is i must do some letter and give to our HR . im ashamed . i feel not confortable arghhhhhhh #scream.
How about kak zetty , kak corina and encik Halil . pity them . next week is school holiday . maybe busy and need extra workers.

but . to try something new is normal right.?

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